Below are my past advisees and where they are now. Cheers to each of you! And keep in touch!

Kunti Adhikari (2017). M.A. Thesis: Factors influencing the selection of teaching methods in an EFL context.

Dr. Magdalyne Akiding (2021). Ph.D. Thesis: An investigation of motivational strategy use by FL Swahili and Zulu instructors in the United States.
Current Position: Lecturer, Department of Afroamerican and African Studies, University of Michigan: Ann Arbor, MI

Dr. Grace (Eunhee Lee) Amuzie (M.A. 2007, Ph.D. 2012). M.A. Thesis: An investigation of learner beliefs at two stages of study abroad.
Ph.D. Thesis: Transfer at the lexical level in Korean learners’ L2 indefinite article use in English.
Current Position: ESL Instructor and Academic Counselor, Calvin University: Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Laura Ballard (M.A. 2013, Ph.D. 2017). M.A. Thesis: The effects of student attitudes toward accentedness of native and nonnative speakers.
Ph.D. Thesis: The effects of primacy on rater cognition: An eye-tracking study.
Current Position: Senior Research Project Manager in English Language Learning and Assessment, Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Chad Bousley (2018). M.A. Thesis: Did we forget someone else? Foreign language students’ computer access and literacy for CALL.
Current Position: Instructional Designer, Oakland University: Rochester, MI

Dr. J. Dylan Burton (2023). Ph.D. Thesis: The role of nonverbal behavior and affect on ratings of second language proficiency.
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Educational Psychology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: Urbana, IL

María Belén Buttiler (2020). M.A. Project: Pursuing informative growth charts: How often should we assess the English performance of our Grade 6 children?
Current Position: Ph.D. Student, Education, University of California Davis: Davis, CA

Wang Chen (2010). M.A. Thesis: Cultural experience as rater-text interaction.

Dr. Jin Soo Choi (2022). Ph.D. Thesis: Investigating test delivery modes within video-conferenced English speaking proficiency assessment.

Dr. Justin Cubilo (2011). M.A. Thesis: Video mediated listening passages: Their effects on integrated writing task performance and note-taking practices.
Current Position: U.S. Government Accountability Office

Dr. Virginia David (2015). Ph.D. Thesis: Impromptu timed-writing and process-based timed-writing exams: Comparing students’ performance and investigating students’ and raters’ perceptions.
Current Position: Faculty Specialist and Coordinator of TESOL Programs, Western Michigan University: Kalamazoo, MI

Kristin Ekkens (2007). M.A. Thesis: Evaluating workplace English language program success: Quantitative and qualitative assessments.
Current Position: Founder & CEO of Exponential Inclusion: Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Yeon Heo (2007). M.A. Thesis: The effects of grammar instruction with three noticing levels on ESL learners’ grammar tests.
Current Position: English Teacher, Pusan National University: Busan, South Korea

Dr. Ching-Ni Hsieh (2011). Ph.D. Thesis: Rater effects in ITA testing: ESL teachers’ versus American undergraduates’ judgments of accentedness, comprehensibility, and oral proficiency.
Current Position: Research Scientist, Educational Testing Service (ETS): Princeton, NJ

Dr. Daniel R. Isbell (2019). Ph.D. Thesis: Diagnosing Second Language Pronunciation.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Second Language Studies, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa: Honolulu, HI

Dr. HyeSun Lee (2011). M.A. Thesis: The differences among three-, four-, and five-option-item formats in the context of a high-stakes English-language listening test.
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Psychology, California State University Channel Islands: Camarillo, CA

Dr. Shinhye Lee (2018). Ph.D. Thesis: Effective planning in real-time speaking tasks.
Current Position: Associate research scientist in the Center for Language Education and Assessment Research, Educational Testing Service (ETS): Princeton, NJ

Erika Lessien (2013). M.A. Thesis: The effects of typed versus handwritten essays on students’ scores on proficiency tests.
Current Position: Senior Analyst, U.S. Government Accountability Office: Honolulu, HI

Dr. Hyojung Lim (2014). Ph.D. Thesis: Exploring the validity evidence of the TOEFL iBT reading test from a cognitive perspective.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of English Language and Industry, Kwangwoon University: Seoul, South Korea

Dr. Wenyue Ma (M.A. 2018, Ph.D. 2023). M.A. Thesis: Self-assessment: A feisty or reliable tool to assess the oral proficiency of Chinese learners?
Ph.D. Thesis: Testing the three stage model of second language skill acquisition Dissertation Title: An investigation into a Chinese placement test’s score interpretations and uses.
Current Position: Data Analytics Manager, School of Literature, Cultures, and Linguistics, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: Urbana, IL

Abeer Noor (2018). M.A. Thesis: Incorporating oral tests in high-stakes English exams in Bangladesh: A study on Bangladeshi students’ and teachers’ perceptions of oral testing during university admission.

Aaron Ohlrogge (2009). M.A. Thesis: Academic vocabulary at the word and formula level: An examination of test taker discourse.
Current Position: English Language Center (ELC) Faculty, Michigan State University: East Lansing, MI

Dr. Mostafa Papi (2016). Ph.D. Thesis: Motivation and learning interface: How regulatory fit affects incidental vocabulary learning and task experience.
Current Position: Associate Professor of Foreign and Second Language Education, Florida State University: Tallahassee, FL

Ghulam Rasool (2018). M.A. Thesis: EFL undergraduate students’ motivation to learn English.

Tamoha Siddiqui (2021). M.A. Thesis: In a new normal situation, a new approach: Mid-pandemic EFL teacher perspectives on implementing task-based language teaching in EAP courses.

Ian Solheim (2018). M.A. Thesis: The what, where, why, and when of tasks: Action research into a teacher’s use of an extended academic task for English learning in China.

Dr. Tetyana Sydorenko (2011). Ph.D. Thesis: Exploring the potential of rehearsal via automatized structured tasks versus face-to-face pair work to facilitate pragmatic and oral development.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Applied Linguistics – Liberal Arts & Sciences, Portland State University: Portland, OR

Dr. Amy S. Thompson (2009). Ph.D. Thesis: The multilingual/bilingual dichotomy: An exploration of individual differences.
Current Position: Department Chair, Department of World Languages, Literatures & Linguistics, and Director of International Relations and Strategic Planning for Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, West Virginia University: Morgantown, WV

Dr. Magda Tigchelaar (2018). Ph.D. Thesis: Assessing the validity of ACTFL Can-do statements for spoken proficiency.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, French Studies and Language Studies, Department of Language Studies, University of Toronto Mississauga: Mississauga, Ont., Canada

Khoa Truong (2018). Task-related motivational strategies in EFL classrooms: A glimpse into Vietnamese teacher and student perceptions.
Current Position: Ph.D. Candidate, Education (TESOL), Monash University: Clayton, VIC, Australia 

Dr. Maren (Schierloh) Uggen (2011). Ph.D. Thesis: Attention to irregular verbs by beginning learners of German: An eye-movement study.
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Kalamazoo College: Kalamazoo, MI 

Dr. Yangting (Tina) Wang (2014). The effects of L1/L2 subtitled American TV series on Chinese EFL students’ listening comprehension.
Current Position: Evaluation Associate, Creative Research Solutions, LLC

Dr. Dominik Wolff (2015). Ph.D. Thesis: All in the same boat? – Native and non-native English speaking teachers’ emerging selves in a U.S. MATESOL program.
Current Position: Associate Professor of Languages, West Chester University: West Chester, PA

Dr. Xiaowan Zhang (2021). Ph.D. Thesis: Time to proficiency in young English learners and factors that affect the time.
Current Position: Research Scientist, MetaMetrics, Inc.