I am working on a few different projects right now.

1. A big ongoing “project,” if you will, is serving as an Editor of the international journal Language Testing. Since starting in 2019, my co-editor, I, and the Language Testing Editorial Office team have been ushering in pathways for authors’ easier uptake of Open Science practices.

2. I am a Project Lead on a federal grant awarded to the new MSU National Less Commonly Taught Languages Resource Center. The Project, called LoLA (Local LCTL Assessment) is to develop public, fully-open-access language testing templates (with directions in various formats, including text and video) for U.S. teachers and program administrators of less commonly taught languages.

3. STARTALK lives on (and well) at MSU! We were funded at MSU for a second STARTALK language-teacher professional development grant in a row! In 2024-2025, the grant will be with K-12 teachers of Chinese, and the focus is on language assessment and STEM teaching: Dr. Jiahang Li in the MSU College of Education is the PI, and I am the Co-PI. Matt Coss in the MSU SLS Program is the Lead Instructor. We will host a 2024 summer professional development camp, like we did in 2023, for two weeks, with follow-up modules continuing into academic year 2024-25. This STARTALK grant, like the summer 2021 and 2022 grants, is funded by the National Security Agency (NSA). 

4. I am working as an advisor to the U.S. Foreign Service Institute through an Intergovernmental Personnel Act Agreement between the MSU’s Provost’s Office and the U.S. Department of State. This is the third year of this position for me, and it built upon my committee membership to write a national consensus study report on principles approaches to language testing. As an advisor, I am on the FSI’s “Task Force for the Future of Language Testing,” a group working toward the redesign of the FSI’s 60+ foreign language exams used to screen personnel, officers and others before placement abroad with the U.S. Foreign Service.